Going for 55K: Week 5

Going for 55K raceday

This week ended with the HKMP Shek Kong 30km race organized by Hong Kong Marathon Pro. I did a long run in the beginning of the week, but then caught a minor cold so I didn’t want to risk anything prior to race day so I took it really easy the days before the race.

This 30km race works as an early assessment for me as well as a way to get necessary race day experience. Later on in the post, I will give you a more detailed description of what I felt after the race, but for now, let’s break down the week.

The week consisted of 3 running sessions (race day included) 1 strength training session and some yoga.

The week in numbers

Total distance: 55,7 km (34,6 miles)
Total elevation gained: 921 m (3021 feet)*

* The Strava recording failed on race day so I didn’t get any recorded elevation so this is not included.

Breakdown of the week

Monday – Long Run

I went out into the Highland Reservoir again this day. I have come to really like this run as the scenery is amazing and the run is challenging but rewarding. I ran early in the morning so I got the beautiful sunrise down at the east dam.

Highland reservoir race day week

Tuesday – Strenght Training

On Tuesday I went down to the gym and did some upper body strength training consisting of the following exercises:

Push-ups 2 x failure
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Divebomb push-ups 2 x failure
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Tricep dips 2 x failure
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Chin-ups 6 x failure
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Ab exercises x 3
Rest 60 seconds between sets

I like this routine, it lacks some lower back exercises but you could always add back hyperextensions and create a superset of the ab exercises.

Wednesday – Rest

I took a rest day here even though my running schedule had 11km on it. Discipline is important, but sometimes it is also important to listen to your body and make decisions that you feel you can benefit from in the long run (no pun intended).

Thursday – Trail Run

I felt the need to get out on a trail since I had not been trail running for a long time, so I went down to Yung Shue O, where there is a trail that will take you up for a steep hill, a lot of stairs and then you run on the mountainside before you enter the Maclehose trail, before taking off returning to Yung Shue O.

Yung Shue O race day

Friday – Rest

On Friday I felt I was starting to feel that I was catching a cold, and it stressed me out thinking that I was so close to race day and I was begging to get sick, so I decided to rest today as well and make sure to not let this cold ruin the race on Sunday.

Saturday – Yoga

Just a short 15 minutes of yoga, to be a little bit softer in the muscles and open up the joints without getting too much of cardiovascular activity going on. Stressed out of my mind at this point that the cold was going to break out and I would not be able to join the race the coming day.

Sunday – Race Day

I don’t know if it was the spicy ginger shots or just luck but I felt so much better waking up on Sunday and I really felt ready for race day.

So, the race took place in the Tai Lam Country Park and the start was close to Shek Kong Village, and then you pretty much ran as long as the road took you and back. The weather could have been a little bit better as it was only around 12 °C and windy so before the start, I was freezing a lot.

Also, I had prepared myself for the race to be steep and contain a lot of hill running but I didn’t expect it to be this much! Some of the hills were just ridiculous. Long, steep and it felt as if they never ended.

I ran the race together with my wife, but unfortunately, our Strava recording lost sync and was completely wrong with both distance and time, so we have to wait until we get the official time (which in time of writing haven’t arrived yet), before I know exactly what time and what average pace we had.

It feels really good to be able to do a 30km run at this point, and I feel that the training is working and that an ultramarathon this coming summer is more realistic than I thought only 4 weeks ago.

As always you can follow my progress on my Strava profile.

Next week will be a recovery week with yoga, stretch and some strength training exercises, I hope to see you back here then.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment below.

See you!

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