Going for 55K: Week 8

Ultramarathon preparations

Another week tainted by the cold that doesn’t seem to want to leave me. At this point, it is starting to annoy me since I am not able to stack the distances that I want (and need) in order to prepare myself and I feel that I am falling behind. My ultramarathon preparations are off schedule and I need to make this up somehow. Not yet knowing exactly how. I managed to do 2 runs and 2 strength days though.

But enough of that, let’s do as usual and break down the week.

The week in numbers

Total distance: 14.4 km (7 miles)
Total elevation gain: 243 m (797 feet)

Breakdown of the week

Monday – Complete rest

In an effort to try and get rid of the cold that has had it’s persistent hold of me for some time now, I decided upon trying to rest it out. Again.

Tuesday – Slope training & strength

At this point, I just had to get out and do some running. Slope training seemed like a good choice since it was close to home and also not too long, distance wise. It went well, and I ran up the usual hill close to the house here in Hong Kong, stacking 5 times up and down.

Immediately after I felt a bit rejuvenated and also warm so I went down to the gym for some leg exercises.

Side leg hip swing 1 x 40 (20 on each leg)
Forward hip swing 1 x 40 (20 on each leg)
Rest for 60 seconds

Donkey kicks 3 x 20 (1o on each leg)
Rest 45 seconds between each set

Dumbbell forward lunge 2 x 20 (10 on each leg)
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Dumbbell reverse lunge 2 x 20 (10 on each leg)
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Standing calves raises 3 x 20
Bodyweight squats 3 x 20
Ab exercise 3 x 20
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Stretch 15 minutes

Wednesday – Run

I took it upon me to run down to Sai Kung and back. The 11 kilometres feels as if it is a staple now even if I have a runny nose. It went well, I felt that I had to push myself more than usual and it wasn’t as smooth as it could be, probably due to the fact that my nose was running and I had to breathe with my mouth the entire run. Despite that, it felt really good to be out running again. I missed it.

Thursday – Complete rest

Time to recover and let the body burn out the cold once and for all.

Friday – Strength

I took this day to improve my upper body strength.

Dumbell flat bench-press 3 x 10
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Push-ups 3 x 10
Elevated heart push-ups 3 x 10
Decline push-ups 3 x 10
Rest 60 seconds between each superset

Seated side lateral raise 3 x 10
Forward dumbbell raise 3 x 10
Reverse dumbbell flyes 3 x 10
Arnold press 3 x 10
Rest 60 seconds between each superset

Chin-ups 3 x failure
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Overhead dumbbell tricep extensions 3 x 10
Dumbell bicep curls 3 x 10
Ab exercise 3 x 20
Rest 60 seconds between each superset

Stretch 15 minutes

Saturday & Sunday – Complete rest

I took the weekend off in order to prepare myself and really start to hit the gym, trails, streets and tracks next week. Hopefully without the stubborn cold.

It is important that you fuel up with good foods when training hard so have a look at some of the recipes I have on the site for inspiration.

Don’t forget to check out my progress on my Strava profile, and if you have any question just ask them in the comments section below.

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