The Easter Pizza!

The Easter Pizza

This Easter we went to Sweden for holiday and had what we in Sweden call ‘April weather’. One day we had snow, the other day you could be outside in the sun with only your t-shirt (and pants of course), only to be interrupted a couple of hours later by a hailstorm. It was a great time!

A lot of visitors came by and at one point we were 10 people in the house. Deciding what to eat and how to cook it was a constant debate and on Easter Eve it reached climax when we, after careful deliberation we came up with pizza. The thing with pizza is that everybody likes it, and you can pretty much throw anything you want on top so everyone gets happy, winner winner, vegan dinner. Funny saying that (originally it’s ‘winner winner, chicken dinner’) so I had to look it up and according to legend, years ago every casino in Las Vegas had a chicken dinner with potato and veggies for $1.79. A standard bet back then was $2 so if you won you had enough to buy a chicken dinner.

Let’s not dwell on this side track, back to the pizza!

An important, but often overlooked, part of the pizza is the base. Personally I like mine thin and crispy. You can see how I make my Pizza Dough here. If you are using vegan cheese it’s also important to note that you should always go 1) pizza base 2) tomato sauce 3) vegan cheese 4) rest of toppings. If you put the cheese last, you get a gratin and it’s just not the same thing.

On this particular pizza we had Oumph, which is a product you can get in Sweden (in all honesty I don’t know if they also sell outside of Sweden). A bit simplified you can say that it’s soy protein concentrate and organic spices. It comes in different forms and different spice mixes and tastes great and has super nice chewy texture.

I think we made 4 very large pizzas all and all, and it wasn’t a single piece left when we had finished.

My sister in law made a fantastic vegan béarnaise sauce that we dolloped on top, I will see if I can get the recipe from her and post the recipe.

So if you’re wondering what to make for your next family get-together, I can really recommend making a nice, big pizza bursting with all kinds of different toppings.

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